January 01 1970
Out-of-print books – the arrangement entered its second phase on Saturday 21 September 2013.

From this date, books that had not been subject to a request for withdrawal became subject to collective management.

The arrangement introduced by legislation dated 1 March 2012 does not deprive you of copyright. The exercise of these rights is merely transferred to a collection and distribution society for the digital commercialisation of out-of-print books. You can withdraw from the arrangement at any time. This is why SOFIA offered to manage these rights and protect your interests.

You are author or rights holder

If you have not challenged or withdrawn from the arrangement, your book becomes available for digitisation and hence available to the public in the autumn of 2015, provided a licence has been obtained for its commercialisation.

In the following situations you can at any time challenge the right of SOFIA to exercise its right to authorise the digital commercialisation of your books: 
- if you consider that this commercialisation might prejudice your honour or reputation,

- if you can show that your publishing rights have been reinstated to you by your publisher,

- if you hold digital publishing rights for the out-of-print book.

Finally, if you so desire, in conjunction with your publisher who holds printed reproduction rights, you can jointly withdraw the work from collective management, with a view to future contractual commercialisation.

You are publisher
There will be a three-month delay between 21 September and the date for registration by SOFIA of the final objections. At that time, either with effect from 21 December or the beginning of January 2014, SOFIA will offer the original publishers an exclusive ten-year commercial licence. This offer will be assumed to have been rejected if the publisher fails to notify SOFIA of his decision in writing within two months. Acceptance will be indicated by an entry in the ReLIRE catalogue and the publisher will be obliged to commercialise the book within three years of its acceptance. If the publisher fails to respond in the two months following notification by

SOFIA, i.e. by March 2014, third party publishers may request non-exclusive licences for those books that want to commercialise.